template blogger gratuit ربح 30$يوميا من تدوين + موقع تبادل زيارات + قالب بلوجر ودمين مجاني
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template blogger gratuit ربح 30$يوميا من تدوين + موقع تبادل زيارات + قالب بلوجر ودمين مجاني


Welcome, my dear brothers, in the series of blogger template design course from scratch to professional, you will find a lot of templates, including Arabic templates, including foreign templates, and the most important video watch so that you can see the design closely

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A very beautiful blogger template that is suitable for all uses .. For a store, a photo blog, a technology, or a magazine .. The template is very professional and responsive to all tablets and screen sizes. It also features a great entry screen that can be used in multiple ways
 Improved Blogger optimization templates help increase blog traffic. Because, SEO friendly optimization templates. You can subscribe by email to get new Blogger templates when you post

We will show you a preview and more watch link from BLOGGER top TEMPLATES 200 Blogger template. You can go down to the bottom of a video and see more blogger templates. I will put a link for you to see all the templates and you have the right to choose what you want either in percentage.

Here are some features that might interest you in a template 

Features: Responsive • SEO friendly • Ads are ready • Slideshow • Ready social bookmark • Dropdown list • Vertical dropdown list • Email subscription widget • Publication of thumbnails • Navigation slots navigation • Widget tabbed • Page navigation • Column footer • Sidebar • Download Quick • Instagram ready • Browser compatibility • Share WhatsApp styles: Journal • Minimal • Wallet • Simple • Clean • Modern • Elegant • Wordpress themes look • Gallery • 3D style • Stylish themes: movie • Animations • News • Photography • Culture • Personal pages • Music • Video • Business • Fashion • Games of columns: 1 column • 2 columns • 3 columns • 4 columns black blue brown gray green orange red white violet yellow silver pink

1 Create a professional blogger blog with full additions and modifications to earn $ 100 a day

How to install and modify a blogger template

And it is very easy to install a blogger template on your blogger blog. Nabil-ktb.com gives you thousands of free blogger templates to refresh your blog. Yes really! We are taking a new look at Blogger Blog. This tutorial shows you how to install / upload a new blog template. We cover two types of installation method with step-by-step instructions.

Full explanation of creating a blogger blog and how to install a professional blogger template and modify it in detail

Method 1: Download an .xml file. The current widgets will still be listed and you will need to manually remove them this way Method 2: Copy and Paste the Encoding. Completely replace all codecs. (If you have an error when loading the template using the first method, try the second method) First, we go to the first method that uploads the .xml file.
Step 1: Download the Blogger template. Browse blogger templates in our most popular categories like Respive, SEO Ready, Magazine, Simple, Clean, Portfolio and Fashion. (Live Live can preview each template to see what your blog looks like after uploading the template.) After browsing, click the "Download" button on the template you want and the template file will be downloaded and stored directly to your computer's hard drive. Download and download blogger template - how to install blogger template

Finally add new codes for me to automatically archive all old and new threads / webmasters robots txt and sitemap

 Step 2: Extract the downloaded template file compressed. The file format you have downloaded is ZIP file format. We can only upload a .xml file. So it has to be extracted. Please extract / decompress. Extract the compressed template file into your hard drive

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 Step 3: Sign in to Blogger Dashboard. You must log in to your google account to access the Blogger dashboard (ignore this step if you are already signed in) Sign in to the Blogger dashboard

Automatically add Adsense ads at the bottom, top, and center of topics

Step 4: Accessibility section. Select (if you have multiple blogs) your blog in the main dashboard for which you want to change the template, and click "Theme" in the options panel on the left.

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 Step 5: Access backup / restore. Look in the top right corner, you will see the "Backup / Restore" button and click on it. Before proceeding to the next step, please copy the backup copy from the previous template because, if you have any problem after downloading the new template, the backup file will help you restore. Please read the post about Blogger Backup & Restore.

How to retrieve Blogger blog after deleting it

 Step 6: Prepare for download. Manage pop-ups and click the "Choose File" button and search for the folder created after extracting the file you downloaded.

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 Step 7: Select an upload .xml file. The folder contains an .XML file, .TXT file, Internet shortcuts, etc. You must select only an .XML file. Extract the template file to your hard drive.

Limits you don't know about Blogger

 Step 8: start downloading the template. Click the "Download" button. The download process now appears on your screen. Now the template will appear on your blog successfully. Another way is to install a blogger template using copy and paste. We could not save your theme. Your theme cannot be parsed because it is not well-formed. Please ensure that all XML elements are properly closed. XML error message: Content not allowed in prolog. If you see the above error when loading your template, try this method, and paste the method. Continue with the above steps still 

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Step 5 Step 6: Open the .xml file using a text editor. Open an .xml file with a text editor such as Notepad, WordPad, notpad ++, or something similar. Step 7: Copy all the coding. In a text editor, press ctrl + a and then ctrl + c (ctrl + a to select all encoding, ctrl + c to copy the selected encoding)

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 Step 8: Open the HTML editor on blogger. Now open the HTML editor on the Blogger dashboard and click on the "Edit HTML" button. Step 9: Paste the coding into the blogger's HTML editor. Click anywhere in the HTML editor. Now press ctrl + a and then ctrl + v (ctrl + a to select all encoding, ctrl + v to replace the specified encoding with the copied template encoding). Finally, click on the "Save Theme" button 

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We will show you the features of this blogger template features

1-Full coding improvements to reach a distinct speed
 2- Encrypted https support can be added to the free domain and SSL certificate installation supports the paid domain 
3- Ability to start and stop blog additions
 4- Reducing the use and compression of HTML codes

Show more than 5 adsense ads within the same topic between post automatically

CSS, Javascript 5- Different formats for displaying posts 
6- Slider Latest posts supports show more topics ..
7 - The possibility of dividing the topic for several pages 5.8
8. Responsive to all screen sizes and portable devices
 9- You can add a waiting page for external links
10. Compatible with all browsers, fast and easy to download

Profitable Google Adsense ads placed among articles as an article

12. Social media buttons below each post, a horizontal drop-down list
13. Professional side menu Professional effects with theme pictures
14.Professional effects for pictures of related topics - professional invoices

If you don't like the FREE BLOGGER TEMPLATES template, you can click here to view more than 300 templates and you have the right to choose 

اخواني كرام ان كنت تريدون افضل مواقع لربح مال من الانترنت بدون مجهود كي تزيد ارباحكم اضعاف مضاعفة مع شرح 

  1. كورس2 مجاني للمبتدئين لربح من جوجل ادسنس ribh-lmal-min-google adsense
  2. كورس3 مجاني للمبتدئين لربح من جوجل ادسنس ribh-lmal-min-google adsense
  3. كورس4 مجاني للمبتدئين لربح من جوجل ادسنس ribh-lmal-min-google adsense
  4. كورس5 مجاني للمبتدئين لربح من جوجل ادسنس ribh-lmal-min-google adsense
  5. كورس6 مجاني للمبتدئين لربح من جوجل ادسنس ribh-lmal-min-google adsense
  6. كورس7 مجاني للمبتدئين لربح من جوجل ادسنس ribh-lmal-min-google adsense
  7. كورس8 مجاني للمبتدئين لربح من جوجل ادسنس ribh-lmal-min-google adsense
  8. كورس9 مجاني للمبتدئين لربح من جوجل ادسنس ribh-lmal-min-google adsense
  9. كورس10 مجاني للمبتدئين لربح من جوجل ادسنس ribh-lmal-min-google adsense
  10. كورس11 مجاني للمبتدئين لربح من جوجل ادسنس ribh-lmal-min-google adsense
  11. كورس12 مجاني للمبتدئين لربح من جوجل ادسنس ribh-lmal-min-google adsense
  12. تحميل موسيقى مجانا للمونتاج بدون حقوق mosi9a youtube bdon ho9o9
  13. كيف تعرف ان يوتيوب تضهر فيديوهاتك وكم واين
  14. ستراتيجيه رهيبة للوصول كل اسبوع 1000مشترك _4000ساعة#arbah youtube
  15. كيفية تسريع مراجعة قناة اليوتيوب وقبولها لتفعيل الربح عليها
  16. ماهو جوجل أدسنس : كيف يعمل ؟ كم يكلف ؟ كيف نربح اكتر من 900 دولار شهريا من الانترنت
  17. تحويل نص منسوخ الى حصري %100
  18. .احصل على ادسنس عادي مفعل في 7ايام/adsense 3adi
  19. تحميل ملف اكبر جروبات ومجموعة الفيس بوك أكتر من 3 مليون عضو وتفاعل رهيب  

The Blog section has all the Blogger additions and all codes more than you can imagine

One of the most important features of this bloggera template
 Template is the subject of Blog Blog Blog. It is a theme download feature. Buitl with unique concept, content and varios components. It is one of the most beautiful blogspot magazine theme. 

A site to analyze your blog speed and correct archiving errors and seo blogger

Designed with the latest blogger framework and new technologies, this theme features a unique clean comment system from the latest generation, a completely responsive theme that can easily fit any screen or device size. It's a magazine theme but it still loads very fast and makes your content look good and professional. This topic is ideal for any magazine news or website, but is specifically designed for technology, blogging, newspaper, viral blogging, authority blogging, specialized blogging, etc., 

How to make a robots.txt robot for Blogger with surprise

Before downloading, it is important to download the blogger cleaning template  from here


But it is also ideal for review, movie, howTo, sports, niche, authority, schools, institutions, etc. A mixture of dark navy, gray, blue and yellow colors. This theme is compatible with custom blogger template. Seo is ready. Browser compatibility., Response,. Quoted from WordPress. Ready social bookmark. Posting thumbnails., Ready ads. , Drop list. White 

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., Black, Blue, Magazine, Elegant, Simple, WhatsApp Sharing, Magazine, News, Breadcrumb Navigation Ready, Business, Blogger Layout Version 3.0, 1 Side Sidebar, Right Sidebar, 3 Columns Footer.
You can download a blogger template from  here

afdal 9alab blogger / 9alab blogger jahiz / 9alab blogger bdon ho9o9 / 9awalb blogger bdon hokok / 9alab blogger sari3 / 9alab blogger khafif / 9alab blogger bi3 ochra / 

Best spot for download most recent free blogger layouts to redesign your blogger blog.

Features You are here: Home / Blogger Templates / Features View and Download Blogger Templates by Features RESPONSIVE View all Responsive Blogger Templates Here. SEO READY Browse all Seo Optimized Blogger Templates Here. ADS READY View all Ads Ready Blogger Themes Here. SLIDESHOW Get Slideshow Blogspot Themes Here. SOCIAL BOOKMARK READY Browse all Social Bookmarking Widget Enabled Templates Here. DROP DOWN MENU Click here to Browse Drop Down Blogger Themes. VERTICAL DROP DOWN MENU Click here to View Vertical Drop Down Menu Templates. EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION WIDGET Click here to Email Subscription widget Enabled Themes. POST THUMBNAILS Click here to Browse Post Thumbnail Blogger Themes. BREADCRUMBS NAVIGATION Click here to Download Breadcrumb Navigation Templates. RETINA DISPLAY Download Retina Displayed Blogger Templates Here. TABBED WIDGET READY Download Tabbed Widget Enabled Templates Here. PAGE NAVIGATION MANU View all Page Navigation Menu Enabled Templates Here. UNDER CONSTRUCTIONS COMING SOON Click here to Download Templates for your Non completed blog. LOGIN SUPPORT Click here to Browse all Login Supported Templates. 2 COLUMNS FOOTER Browse all 2 Columns Footer Enabled Blogger Templates. 3 COLUMNS FOOTER Browse all 3 Columns Footer Enabled Blogger Templates. 4 COLUMNS FOOTER Click Here to Browse all 4 Columns Footer Blogspot Templates. 5 COLUMNS FOOTER Browse all 5 columns Footer Blogger Templates Search BLOGGER TEMPLATES BY… Features:.9alab blogger .9walib blogger..9alab bloger li majalat .9alab blogger likotob, 9alab blogger ikhbari, 9alab blogger moda, 9alab blogger litabkh, 9alab blogger lilhila9a, 9alab blogger ti9ni, 9alab blogger lilbayab wilida3 bach3i 9alab nabil ktb, 9alab i5bari, 9alab riyadi, 9alab aflam wamosalsalat, afdal 9walib madfo3a, silsilat 9awalib blogger, tasmim mawa9i3 blogger lilmobtadi2in


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