Huawei Search: the manufacturer is testing an alternative to Google Search

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Huawei Search: the manufacturer is testing an alternative to Google Search

Huawei Search: the manufacturer is testing an alternative to Google Search


Huawei Search, the Chinese alternative to Google Search, is already being tested by some users. Deprived of an Android license and Google applications, the Chinese manufacturer is developing at high speed alternative services for its Huawei Mobile Services (HMS).

huawei search alternative google search
Credit: XDA Developers
Since the Trump decree, Huawei is no longer authorized to integrate Google’s services and applications into its new smartphones. To replace Google Mobile Services, the Chinese group is relying on HMS, a suite of applications of its own made up of an alternative to Google Maps developed with TomTom and App Gallery, an alternative store to the Play Store.

In the same vein, Huawei is currently developing an alternative to Google Search, the Google search engine integrated into Android smartphones. According to information from our colleagues at XDA Developers, this alternative engine is called Huawei Search. Still in the development stage, it is already in beta testing with some users in the United Arab Emirates.

More basic than Google Search, Huawei Search only allows you to enter a series of keywords in a search bar. The engine then offers web pages, videos, press articles or images. A widget also provides an overview of the current weather over 24 hours. There is also a tab dedicated to sport, a calculator or a unit conversion tool. Finally, Huawei Search is compatible with the system wide dark mode of EMUI 10.

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Data collected by Huawei Search transits to Ireland
The Huawei Search user agreement states that all data entered passes through Aspiegel Limited, a subsidiary of Huawei based in Ireland. Last year, the Chinese group indeed transferred a large part of its mobile software services to its Irish subsidiary in order to reassure users worried about the respect of their data. Unsurprisingly, Huawei expects Internet users to be more reassured that their data travels to European rather than Chinese servers.

The user agreement also states that users "must have a Huawei ID" to use the search engine. In addition, the service is "only available on the Huawei device as an application or search integrated with Huawei services." Huawei Search is therefore not intended to be accessible to everyone on the web and to become a full-fledged search engine.

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