Crown Virus: Google intends to screen gathers far and wide to help battle the pandemic ;غوغل وكورونا
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Crown Virus: Google intends to screen gathers far and wide to help battle the pandemic ;غوغل وكورونا

Crown Virus: Google intends to screen gathers far and wide to help battle the pandemic 

بنسبة لي شرح مشاكل مواقع وقنوات موجود بي اسفل كما انكم سوف تجدون بعض روابط لي بعض المواضيع للحفاض على حساباتكم ولكن قبل هادا سوف اعطيكم بعض اخبار كيف ساعدة جوجل في تجسس على ناس الدي يتجمعون وكيف ساعدة سلوطات 
رؤيا الإخباري غوغل" تحارب كورونا وتكشف مستوى الالتزام بإجراءات الحجر | رؤيا الإخباري
Google expects to screen open spots where individuals assemble, with the point of assisting with combatting the spread of the Corona infection, considering the flare-up in a few nations.

The tech monster should discharge subtleties of spots individuals visit in the UK regions, and 130 different nations.

The organization expects to give customary updates in quantities of guests to these spots a few days prior.

Google is focused on saving the protection of people by assisting with giving that information.

The organization will rely upon this for its area information that is gathered through the use of Google Maps or other telephone administrations gave by the organization.

 تحذير هام جدا من هادا الهاكرز يغلق مواقع وقنوات يوتيوب / كيف اكتشف النقرات الغير شرعية ؟

Through the information that will be distributed by Google, it is conceivable to analyze the participation thickness saw by specific places now and what they were before the boycott because of the infection.

These incorporate, for instance: strip malls, diversion, supermarkets, drug stores, parks, open squares, transports, metro and train stations, and work environments.

Google trusts that the wellbeing parts will profit by this data in its endeavors to battle the episode.

The organization said on its site: "This data is sufficient to assist authorities with understanding the adjustments in the important developments of individuals, which may help in making suggestions in regards to working hours or offers accessible for conveyance."

She included: "Additionally, the expanding interest for explicit vehicle stations may demonstrate the need to upgrade the quantities of trains or transports in these stations to help individuals ... what's more, to give spaces that empower them to accomplish the social separation required even with the infection."

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Google says it will shroud the character of people who will screen their complete numbers in those puts in request to protect their security, notwithstanding that the proprietors of telephones reserve the option to choose not to give information.

"The information may look stunning to the individuals who don't have the foggiest idea how much information Google is gathering," says BBC innovation reporter Rory Kylan Jones.

 ماهو جوجل أدسنس : كيف يعمل ؟ كم يكلف ؟ كيف نربح اكتر من 900 دولار شهريا من الانترنت

"These numbers will likewise clarify how the ban was going on - or how the development was in the observed spot 48 hours prior ... which may involve individuals announcing not to go to swarmed places or maybe be amazed at what number of individuals have chosen to go out and go along with them," Jones included.

The principal report covers information for March 29 and contrasts it and information for the days from January 3 to February 6 (five weeks).

The aftereffects of the report in the United Kingdom show that: participation thickness in shopping and amusement focuses diminished by 85 percent, in supermarkets and drug stores by 46 percent, in parks by 52 percent, in transportation stations by 75 percent, and in work workplaces by 55 percent Percentage, notwithstanding, the thickness of participation at facilities expanded by 15%.

In France, the thickness of participation in shopping and amusement focuses diminished by 88 percent, in supermarkets and drug stores by 72 percent, in parks by 82 percent, in transport stations by 87 percent, and in business workplaces by 56 percent; yet Accommodation expanded by 18 percent.
لاتفرح ان شاهدت ارتفاع في ارباح ادسنس سوف يتم تعليق حساب ادسنس الخاص بك
Google's move comes a day after the European Union's Commissioner for Justice Vera Gorova approached significant innovation organizations to impart more information to researchers to reinforce endeavors to battle the Corona infection.

Gorova likewise scrutinized these organizations for what they portrayed as inability to handle the spread of bogus data.
كيفية حفاض على حساب ادسنس مع  نصائح لربح مال من جوجل ادسنس
"We are as yet observing the significant stages and they proceed to benefit and energize the scattering of deluding data and destructive substance about the scourge by posting commercials on the Internet ... This should stop," the magistrate said.

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