dowload treasure hunter apk games For all devices
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dowload treasure hunter apk games For all devices

Fortune Hunter‏

Pet online network game joined with exercise and wellness

Investigate the universe of mythical being whenever, anyplace!

Treasure Hunter for Android - APK Download -

Get your own charming pet and train it to work for you.

You can assemble your own bequest.

Pets can work for you, helping you discover treasure on the guide.

Investigate the universe of mythical person in a genuine guide!

Investigate the universe of mythical person whenever, anyplace!

Get more mythical people and connect with them!

Trigger different shrouded occasions on the guide!

Go to the close by estate to uncover the fortunes and don't get captured by others.

Rich Dressup Framework!

Cooperate with other pet companions here to share joy and collect!

Additional fascinating ongoing interaction, hanging tight for you to tap!

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The fortune tracker will go to fascinating spots that in the past had some worth and utilized metal locators to uncover this past, finding intriguing antiques and learning their verifiable importance.

Treasure Hunter APK Game - Free Download for Android

With places dissipated everywhere throughout the world, you have to discover something intriguing and important in your nearby woodlands so as to get the renown and assets required for better gear and travel costs, to outlandish remote zones. You can choose to save ancient rarities for your assortment or sell them significantly further, or improve hardware.

The fortune tracker isn't a test system of the metal identifier accordingly, but instead a blend of arcade and recreation. On account of streamlined indicator mechanics, the game is charming not exclusively to fanatics of the class, yet in addition to easygoing gamers. Straightforward, natural components of interactivity in blend with delightful scenes make a really wonderful encounter.

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