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Google launches the Pixel 8a with an offer that makes you seriously think about changing your phone

 Pixel 8a // Source: Google

Finally, note that Google is continuing the update policy it started with the Pixel 8 by offering 7 years of monitoring for this Pixel 8a. This also applies to system or security updates, as well as the availability of spare parts.

The picture score is mastered from beginning to end

For several years, the Pixel lineup has offered almost the best in photography, especially when you know the price at which these smartphones are sold. The Pixel 8a follows in the footsteps of its predecessors with great photo performance.

Pixel 8a // Source: Google

In addition to the quality of the images, it's the software piece created by Google that allows the Pixels to stand out. Obviously, features offered by previous generations such as the magic eraser or photo editor are included. Just like the ability to remove blur from a photo, or a Best Shot function so everyone looks their best in a group photo.

Artificial intelligence helps in everyday life

Like the Pixel 8, this Pixel 8a takes full advantage of Google's advances in artificial intelligence. the goal ? Make life easier for users with features that are each more useful than the last, like Live Translate which, as the name suggests, allows you to translate texts in a jiffy thanks to the Pixel 8a's camera.

Pixel 8a // Source: Google

The circuit search also appears. Do you want information about text, video or image? Simply circle it so Google AI can do a search on the topic. Finally, the Pixel 8a takes full advantage of Google Gemini, Google's artificial intelligence. Like a voice assistant, you just have to ask it something (read a web page out loud, translate it, or type a message) for it to do it.

Exchange and discount offer on Pixel Buds A-Series: Discover the Pixel 8a launch offer

Launched on May 7, and scheduled to run until June 3, Google's launch offer for the Pixel 8a is particularly generous. The manufacturer has in fact decided to offer a (very) generous trade-in bonus of up to 530 euros to all those who want to change their phones in favor of a new Pixel. The latter is divided into two parts:

Fixed bonus of 150 euros;

Variable bonus, depending on the model and condition of the smartphone offered for exchange.

Pixel 8a // Source: Google

Where things get interesting is that the Pixel 8a is launching at €549, which means that with the maximum trade-in bonus, Google's latest smartphone will cost you just €19 (after payment). Google is also offering a €55 discount on the Pixel Buds A-Series for any purchase made simultaneously with the Pixel 8a. To avail this offer, there is nothing complicated as you just need to go to the Google Store to find all the details. A nice little bonus: right now, delivery is free.


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